Quantify SR&ED eligible work
in the Agile era

Manual time tracking doesn't work for your team?
We get it.

No manual time tracking. Ever.

We resolved our own technical uncertainty and built a solution that creates time sheets without any manual time tracking.

Travel in time

Need last year’s numbers now? With ticket history in Jira, you can travel back in time and get time sheets anytime!

SR&ED projects from Jira tickets

Our software lets you aggregate multiple tickets into SR&ED projects so you know exactly what work you can claim and how much time you spent on it.

Curious to know how it works?

In short, we use ticket statuses and workflows
to determine who was working on what.


What does the CRA think about it?

The Canada Revenue Agency requires evidence that claimed work took place and eligible work was systematically calculated. Our approach has been battle tested and has successfully gone through CRA reviews.

Who does the technical write-ups?

Nobody knows the state of the tech in your company better than you. Consult with your team while assembling SR&ED projects. Not sure or don't have time? We can help.

How much we can get from the Government?

The overall calculation of the SR&ED refund is outside of our scope. It involves multiple factors like whether your company is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) or not and so on. Essentially, we provide one, but extremely important, input to your accountant.

Do I need to work with a SR&ED consultant?

SR&ED is a fairly complex program that resides at an intersection of technology and taxes. At different stages of a company, it will be more or less beneficial to work with SR&ED consultants.

Become an SR&ED master

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